shai shalom Spring-Summer 2016 Berlin - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

For almost two decades, fashion designer Shai Shalom applies a unique approach, reviving and restoring an ancient method rendered almost extinct – he custom-creates personal fashion collections for clients that share in his celebration of slow-fashion, as both a way-of-life and an identifying symbol of a cultural mark.

His branded studio showcases single piece items only, which can be ordered tailor-made to suit the distinctive living dimensions defining each individual client.

For designer and client, the creative process is exceptionally challenging. At least three working sessions are required to achieve the perfected look and precise fit, from start to finish. A personal measurement profile is first framed for each client, the desired fabric is then considered and chosen together, and preliminary sketches are leafed through to establish the favored result. Sewing ensues according to a set plan that maximizes both the garment’s design and the client’s special style. Long loyal clients favoring the bespoke individualized designs continuously enrich their collection each season, adding custom creations that open up new worlds of aesthetics and grace.

This year, Shalom presented his 2016 summer collection in the rising fashion capital – Berlin.

This collection, tagged Gender Blender, carves a connecting seam between male and female wardrobesת by applying same fabric materials for multi-gender use, corresponding elite tailoring with soft woolen compositions, and introducing clothing that has been stripped from basic recognizable elements to be restructured with innovative materials, including wool sleeves on couture blazers and geometric plisse cuts on classical lady skirts.

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