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Shai Shalom joins forces with denim heritage brand Lee, creating a conceptual capsule collection that preserves the label’s core DNA within an unbound design space.

From his elite couture studio of 17 years in southern Tel Aviv, the established fashion designer fused his signature custom made style with inventive cuts, invoked by the concept of Deconstruction and Reconstruction.
Shalom’s regenerated capsule line, demonstrates that fashion items are free from any expiration date. Under his perceptive eye, the old gives birth to new creations, while also heeding to social and environmental values of sustainability.
Lee supplied the sales and export surpluses, which Shalom dismantled into bare components through a delicate process of deconstruction. Next, he redesigned and re-crafted each item, reinventing fresh new pieces in an innovative process of reconstruction.

 "Fashion items carry no expiration date. Skillful deconstruction and reconstruction can breathe new life into fashion pieces, reborn from the totality of parts that constitute the whole,” Shalom says. This capsule collection exults a unique aspect of efficiency applied on substance, where any subject matter can be resourcefully restructured in a creative process of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Shalom has translated his personalized quality made-to-order style, conjured with extreme attention to detail, finish and look. He decoded the rules of raw material, forming a contemporary dialog where old and new speaks in pristine style and composition. It is Lee’s mass-production articulated in Shalom’s custom-made couture.
The joint Lee-Shalom collaboration unites extremes in a way that handsomely yields social, environmental, and economic returns, with added value sown into the very folds of beautifully crafted fashion.

Shalom’s capsule collection includes frock coats, battledress, Bermuda shorts, and high and low buttoned tailored blazers. To complete the offering, the collection is coupled by leather and suede pants, cashmere knits, and cuff linked blouses adorned with leather necklines.

Deconstruct Reconstruct is launched as an exhibition at the Kastiel design house in Tel Aviv, open to the public Oct' 1, 2013.
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